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In today’s job market, employers seek people who are willing to make an extra effort. A well-written cover letter is one of the best ways to demonstrate that you are a focused, results-driven professional. Our Cover Letter Builder makes it easy to create engaging cover letters for a variety of situations that you will encounter in your job search. Edit web-based cover letter samples created by our job search experts to save time and make sure your reader wants to learn more about you.

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TOP 5 TIPS for Writing Best-In-Class Broadcast / Inquiry Letters

PURPOSE:  Broadcast or Inquiry Letters are written to entice prospective employers to view your qualifications in the hopes that a position may currently be available or will become available that fits your background.  This "marketing campaign" type of strategy is usually dependent on reaching out to a high volume of contacts and the letter and resume should be short and sweet.  If using email, the broadcast technique gives you an opportunity to get your resume onto employer databases, so if a position is not available that is a good fit at the present time there is still a future possibility that there will be.  We recommend using both email and snail mail for your broadcast campaign.  Also, do not be afraid of sending to multiple people within the same organization.  Repeating the campaign after a few weeks is acceptable too, but do not over do it.

1. Assemble a database of contacts.  The best level to reach out to in your job search begins with the hiring managers, and you will need to assemble a list of these people with information such as name, title, location, etc.  Linkedin is a great resource for doing this and you may want to use your favorite search engine to identify these too.  Accuracy counts a lot with broadcast campaigns.

2.Send your general resume. Broadcast campaigns are a unique combination of letter and resume and they typically focus on highlights rather than specifics to gather interest in your candidacy. The way the letter and resume work together is key and should be generic enough for you to be considered for a variety of positions.  Your cover letter and resume together should work as though they your personal marketing presentation or brochure, showcasing your qualities and what you can do for the company.

3. Write to someone and not just a department if possible. If you write a letter to someone rather than just anyone, your chances of success are remarkably better. If you cannot identify a hiring manager, you can just send your letter to the HR department, or you can research the company online, get the name of the HR director and then write your broadcast letter to that person. Plus, you then have a specific individual with whom you can follow up.

4. Highlight Accomplishments. You have to do more than simply tell the prospective employer what you want to do and what job you are seeking.  An employer wants to know how well you perform too, so it is critical to summarize your key accomplishments and to convey that you would be a great employee.  The best way to do that is using numbers or facts to support your claim that you are a top performer.

5. Ask for the interview. The reason you wrote the letter was to get an interview. So, ask for it in your letter!  If you don't ask, you likely won't get the interview.