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TOP 5 TIPS for Writing Best-In-Class Office and Administrative Support Resumes

1. Showcase your success. Administrative and office personnel often have an enormous influence over how well a company runs. It is often the office staff that will implement new PC software, upgrade an outdated business process, introduce streamlined data collection and reporting systems and so much more. In turn, these can contribute to measurable gains in performance, productivity, efficiency and quality of operations, so be certain to showcase the projects you’ve spearheaded, supported and/or participated in.

2. Highlight your relationships. Many administrative and office personnel work closely with and support C-level and other senior executives, top-level managers and others critical to the leadership of an organization. In addition, those same administrative personnel might also work closely with key customers, lawyers, bankers, regulatory agency personnel, government personnel and others.

3. Stress your communication skills. Communicating well is one of the most desirable qualities for all administrative and office personnel. Be certain to include information that will demonstrate the strength of both your oral and written communication skills, and how you’ve successfully leveraged those skills in the workplace.

4. Use your resume to demonstrate your word processing and desktop publishing skills. There’s no better way to demonstrate how well you can design and produce a typed page than with your resume. Your resume is indicative of the quality of documents that you will produce on behalf of your next employer, so make sure it looks perfect, reads magnificently and is 100% error-free.

5. Integrate the “right” keywords so your resume will get selected during a keyword search. A few of the hundreds and hundreds of office and administrative support keywords and keyword phrases that you might use (if appropriate to your experience and education) include:

Customer Service
Data Management
Desktop Publishing
Files Management
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Word
Office Management
Office Services
Project Management
Word Processing